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I have been a client for the last several months with Beautiful Image after watching Charlotte Today TV show. I was very impressed with the professional presentation of their show. I felt this treatment would be for me and after the first session I noticed a difference. Ms Deb did not pressure me into anything, I made my own decision. I am so glad I did this for me and hope you will for you !!! I am 60 years young, yes young because after 12 treatments I feel and look amazing. Soon I will be going into monthly maintenance and just think I DID NOT go under the knife. The treatment is like having a facial or light massage. Thank you Ms. Deb and Beautiful Image. No I an not an employee I am just an individual that when I believe in something I want to share.
Dolly L. Beautiful Image Anti Aging Client
This shows results of a 60 year old having microcurrent treatments. I love you Elaine!!
Judy W. Beautiful Image Anti Aging Client
I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy my Beautiful Image microcurrent treatments. I notice the benefits every day when I look in the mirror. My skin glows, the facial muscles feel tighter, and any lines or wrinkles have been minimized. I look forward to my relaxing one-hour treatments. I actually feel my whole body unwind due to your expertise. I wanted you to know that I highly recommend this treatment for all of the above reasons.
Pat L. Cornelius, NC
I was looking for a non-surgical procedure to reduce the signs of aging. After consulting with Elaine Colter, I chose the Beautiful Image microcurrent procedure which has been an effective alternative. I have seen fantastic results on my neck and face and my skin is smoother and softer. Also, the procedure is very relaxing and causes no pain while it stimulates the muscles for a firmer look. I’m thrilled with the results and plan to continue the monthly maintenance program.
Cathy Fort Mill, SC
I have been a client of Beautiful Image with Elaine Colter for seven months. For over five years, I received monthly microcurrent treatments at another salon which used a different system. I also visited two other microcurrent salons before choosing Beautiful Image. The Beautiful Image system is superior to other microcurrent treatments because it offers a systematic approach which includes all facial muscles and a specific amount of time and current for each area of the face. Other microcurrent treatments seem to be at the discretion of the operator and can be haphazard in the application of the current and the areas it covers. I really didn’t think I would see very much improvement in my face and skin when I decided to switch to Beautiful Image. After all, I had been getting microcurrent treatments for years and thought I had reached the maximum benefit with microcurrent. I have noticed a significant decrease in redness and a smoother complexion with Beautiful Image. I have more definition around my jaw line now. And the lines around my chin and mouth are not as prominent.
Kathy D. Huntersville, NC
Last year after a serious boating accident, I was left with severely impacted sinuses. Over the past year I have tried just about everything to remove the excess from my sinuses to no avail. I did some research on microcurrents and could not find any harmful results or information. I figured I had nothing to lose by trying a microcurrent treatment, but wasn’t really expecting a great deal of improvement of my sinuses. Shortly after Elaine finished the treatment and for the following three days, I experienced continuous sinus drainage. Gross, yes. But it intrigued me that something like this that most people seek out for cosmetic reasons, could have such a profound healing effect on my body. Although my intent for going was to help clear my sinuses, Elaine still took a before and after photograph of my face …and there were noticeable, visible differences after that very first session. The dark circles under my eyes appeared lighter, my cheekbones had more definition, and my complexion appeared healthier. I was shocked and so pleased with my sinus improvement that I went back for subsequent microcurrent sessions, and experienced significant sinus drainage and improved circulation in those visits as well.
Jennifer R. Charlotte, NC